Awesome Apps Built with Durandal


The MapsJS project team has been successfully using Durandal for its single page app-dev. MapsJS is a free HTML5 map control for building complex cross-platform geospatial applications. Many of our larger customer projects required an SPA framework to minimize dev time and keep the projects well organized.

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NinjaMock is an online service for creating and sharing wireframes for mobile apps and web pages. When designing a new version of our website, we decided in favor of Durandal when comparing it to Angular and Backbone. We liked Durandal because it's ingeniously simple, easy to extend and configure, and has native support for Knockout, an excellent MVVM library.

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BizTalk 360

BizTalk360 is a commercial web based operational and monitoring application for Microsoft BizTalk server environment. We wanted to move our application from Silverlight to HTML5 (SPA) . Durandal was the 'go to framework' for us due to its nice support for MVVM pattern and its simple yet extensible design.

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RamBase Business Center is a flexible cloud application that can be used to meet B2B customer demands anytime, anywhere. Collaboration with trading partners becomes an easy task, as your online business center provides up-to-date snapshots of customer orders at all stages. RamBase Business Center allows you to create an easy-to-use site where your customers can track orders, offers, and product information.

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Oprio lets you communicate with email-like openness and flexibility while easily keeping track of work to be done.

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Stock 'N' Buy

Free online application for collaboration around inventory management and online orders. We aim to bring small businesses and their suppliers closer, working on the same platform to optimize their inventories. We aim to become the social network for business.

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Meecook is the perfect place to keep your favourite recipes and share them with your friends and family. Follow your friends and add the recipes you like to your own personal recipe box. Easily accessible from your phone, tablet or desktop.

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Simple and free SMS marketing platform for bars and other venues. Sign up to reserve a number, share it with your loyal customers, and broadcast SMS messages around events, specials, or promotions.

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Get organized, work on things that matter. Organize anything and everything in your life and work. Manage your projects in a simple and effective way using our beautiful hand crafted software.

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Stashy is a open source library of components for helping build responsive web sites. The project docs site was created using Durandal

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Architectural design studio in Tabriz, Iran.

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Local liquor business use Vgulp to reach out to consumers to increase their sales through advertising and premium Vgulp features.

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