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Meet Durandal

Your search for a SPA framework ends here.


We didn't try to re-invent the wheel. Durandal is built on libs you know and love like jQuery, Knockout and RequireJS. There's little to learn and building apps feels comfortable and familiar. Dive in and enjoy.


MVC? MVP? MVVM? Yes. Messaging, navigation, modals? Check. Durandal has the features you need to build whatever apps you can imagine; the apps of today and of tomorrow. Let your creativity soar.


Building an Android phone app? An enterprise LOB targeted at Windows? A web gaming platform? No matter how large or small the app, it's effortless with Durandal....and we give you the tools to develop on any platform, for any platform.


  • Clean MV* Architecture
  • JS & HTML Modularity
  • Simple App Lifecycle
  • Eventing, Modals, Message Boxes, etc.
  • Navigation & Screen State Management
  • Consistent Async Programming w/ Promises
  • App Bundling and Optimization
  • Use any Backend Technology
  • Built on top of jQuery, Knockout & RequireJS
  • Integrates with popular CSS libraries such as Bootstrap and Foundation
  • Make Your Own Templatable and Bindable Widgets
  • Fully Testable
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The Future Is Here

Aurelia, The Next Generation of Durandal Is Now Available!

Aurelia has the best parts of today's Durandal, re-imagined for the next generation of the web. Prepare yourself for a framework that:

  • Natively understands ECMAScript 6 modules and classes.
  • Works well with Web Components.
  • Has an extensible HTML templating engine.
  • Provides simple two-way databinding to any object.
  • Has sensible conventions that make development effortless.
You've never seen anything like it. If you are starting a new project, targeting modern browsers, you'll really want to use Aurelia.